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Daughters Devotional

I have been off the grid and working on a project that has been stirring in my heart for a long time! A few months ago, I took a much-needed retreat that proved to be an AWESOME idea! I took a weekend to get away, just me and God, and possibly a spa appointment or two, and I discovered once again how amazing rest feels—ha! It gave me a chance to really miss my wild world and remember that there is truly no other people I would rather do life with than my beautiful, messy, wonderful tribe back home! One of the most special moments of my retreat, however, was when God reminded me of a devotional idea He gave me awhile back. It is a devotional entitled, “Daughters.” A love project written primarily for my own precious daughters, it would hopefully go beyond our home to bless many other families as well. And now with absolute joy, I would like to say that the Daughters devotional is available! The following is a little information about what Daughters provides.

Today, our daughters are growing up with challenges and threats to their identity and worth that are unprecedented. Daughters meets this urgent need by providing a voice for parents to be able to impart God’s love in a powerful way.

As a busy mother of four, I often find myself yelling, “Hurry, we are late! Did you remember your practice uniform? Did you do your homework? Blah, blah, blah!” Then, at the end of a long day, kids finally sound asleep, I ask myself searching questions. “Am I missing it? Am I affirming them as much as I should? Am I instilling an understanding of God’s heart that will shape and protect them long after they are in my care?” Too often I don’t like the answer, …not even sure if I harnessed any intentional moments today.

I wrote this devotional because, like you, I desperately want to fulfill my most precious calling as a parent. As you take this journey with me, know that every page is heart-felt, prayer-bathed and personally designed for you and your daughter. It will facilitate moments of connection to help you impart affirmation, glean joy from shared memories and establish an understanding of God’s love. May our daughters live their days knowing they are treasured and remarkable!

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