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Kenia Avila - God Restored My Marriage

My husband started taking prescription pain killers prescribed to him by a doctor for a herniated disc. After taking the medication for a period of time, he became addicted. The medicine that was prescribed to him was not enough. He began to buy the pain killers from friends at work and off the streets.

His habit began to cause problems in our marriage. This addiction eventually caused him to lie to me and spend his entire pay check on the drugs. We were unable to pay our bills on time, and as a result of this we lost our home.

He would stop for a period of time, but would always relapse. I would plead with him to get help. He didn’t want to accept the fact that he had a problem. His addiction would last for 10 years. During this time, I prayed for deliverance, and for the Holy Spirit to surround him. I prayed Psalm 139:8 over his life, If I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. . I knew that God was the only one who could rescue him from the deepest pit of despair. God’s love is greater than any addiction.

I always told the Lord that I will continue going to church, I will serve you, and I will worship you even in the worst times of my life and marriage. I would think of Proverbs 31:25… She laughs without fear of the future. I remember the Lord telling me, “I am your ALPHA and OMEGA. I was with you in the beginning and I will be with you at the end.” His words gave me so much peace.

As time went by, the addiction was getting worse, so I decided to move out and get an apartment with my kids. My husband didn’t like this at all. It was a very tough and sad decision that I needed to make. I even considered getting a divorce, but one Sunday morning I woke up and I told God that I needed to hear His voice before I made that decision. I had prayed and believed for so long, and I didn’t want my marriage to end in divorce. One word from God was going to be enough for me.

That Sunday morning in the middle of the sermon, the pastor asked the youth pastor to come and prophesy (this had never happened before). When she began to speak, the first thing she said was, “God is going to speak today.” I knew God was going to speak to me, and the Lord said, “THERE WILL BE NO DIVORCE, I WILL RESTORE YOUR MARRIAGE!”

Hallelujah!!! That was enough for me. Even though things were still ugly in the natural, I had a word from God, and He is not a man that would lie; neither the son of man that he should repent. (Numbers 23:19)

Pastor Ricardo Zelaya visited our church and he talked to our Pastor about Eagle Creek Recovery Center in Shreveport, LA. The pastor then talked to me about the program. I went ahead and requested information on their center for when my husband would decide that he needed help.

Miracle Sunday came for my marriage on Easter Sunday 2018. My husband came to my apartment and told me the words I had been waiting to hear for a very long time. “I NEED HELP!” Thank you, Jesus.

The next morning we drove to Shreveport, LA believing God had opened a door to set him free.

It was not easy in the beginning, and after 14 days in the program he asked me to pick him up. On day 21 he was feeling a lot better and wanted to come home, but for me 21 days wasn’t long enough. He had been addicted for over 10 years, I said to him, “You have to bring me the head of the giant, and then we can talk about your return home.” Three months passed and he completed the program! Thank you, Jesus!!!

Thanks to everyone in Eagle Creek Recovery Center and everyone at Shreveport Community Church. My husband had an encounter with the Lord. He set him free from addiction and our marriage was completely restored!!! Hallelujah!!

I knew God was going to speak to me, and the Lord said, “THERE WILL BE NO DIVORCE, I WILL RESTORE YOUR MARRIAGE!”

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